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Pieces of Eight

Eight singles band together to buy a house

in Kits ... what could possibly go wrong?

Are impossible property prices and crushing rent payments sucking the fun out of Vancouver living? Or… are they a blessing in disguise for people determined to find true happiness living here?

Putting the question differently, what can ordinary citizens do to solve the housing crisis?  If we wait for government to figure out a solution, we could be waiting a long time. Is it possible for what’s left of the middle class to crack the problem themselves, without any government money or government regulations to help them?

Well… yes!  Pieces of Eight shows what such an outcome might look like, what obstacles lie along the path, and what the side effects could be.  It’s not all sacrifice and misery, surprisingly enough. If fact, for most, it’s a new world for which their hearts were long secretly pining.



Joanna Rannelli as Olivia

Daniel Frost as Romulus

Kia Vance as Riza

Gabriel Metcalfe as Carl/Cynic/Bylaw Officer

Jamie Ives as the Mayor

Alina Blackett as Plucheria/Lobbyist/Waitress

Monika Jesenicnik as Sky/City Hall Lawyer

Victor van der Merwe as Dex

Luis O. M. Lagunes as Dieter/City Hall Staffer/Brant



Nathan Narusis – Writer/Producer

Nick Heffelfinger – Director

Michael Brooks – Stage Manager

Studio 16


November 21-December 1, 2018

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