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Sabotaging his bright future, a principled but anachronistic man resists compromise in career, love, and choice of revolutionary movement, all the while knowingly provoking confrontation with a looming global dictatorship.


The play opens with Richard Sandborn relaxed, confident, and happy.  He has put aside his fears for the future of the human race and is about to propose marriage to his girlfriend.


As the story progresses, Richard comes under increasing pressure to act contrary to his strongly held beliefs.  His boss, his best friend, and his girlfriend all believe they have his best interests in mind as they try to change him. 


Will Richard hold out past the point at which he can gracefully surrender?  Or has he picked a fight with the whole world… a fight from which he cannot now back down, even if he wanted to?

Cashless Official Poster.jpg


Hans Potter as Richard Sandborn

Jessica Garcie as Faith Lee/Daisy

Daniel Frost as Dak Vallencourt/Waiter/Beggar/Sgt. Krupa

Jamie Ives as Tom Everest/Detective Grenwich/Cab Driver

Rhea Casido as Nina Young/Janine/Waitress/Angela

Andy Chaloner as Opening Narrator/Newscaster



Nathan Narusis - Playwright/Producer

Michael David Stewart - Director

Michael Brooks - Stage Manager


Duy Nguyen - Photography

Havana Theatre


May 1-5, 2018

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