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Publius Productions

Theatre governed by reality

Publius Productions is named after the Roman politician, General Publius Valerius Publicola. Beloved by the common people for his efforts to improve their lives, Publius helped overthrow the monarchy of his day in order to establish the Roman Republic. It would last nearly 500 years, until Julius Caesar seized power as Rome’s first emperor. It is no accident that Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay used Publius as their pen names in 1787 when they argued in favour of adopting the US Constitution.


If ever there was a problem in Vancouver that needed a modern-day Publius to sort out, it is the vanishing middle class. Residential areas are being hollowed out and local small businesses are departing or going bankrupt. How would he go about overthrowing the emerging modern monarchy?  

Not by the sword, there is no need in present circumstances. Publius would remind his fellow citizens to draw on their own courage and imaginations to see a solution hidden in plain sight. If they can carve out their own little kingdoms, eight people at a time, they can effectively dislodge the ruling class from power without shedding a single drop of blood.

If plays on that topic can inspire people, or make them laugh while directing them to a new and happier life, so much the better. Those are some of the ideal functions of any artist in any age.

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